Buying a pre-existing painting, gives you the obvious advantage of being able to see exactly what you’re getting, but commissioning an original¬†work is an opportunity to make¬†it more personal and relevant, whether the painting it is for you or a present for someone else. I enjoy working with people to achieve this and I love the opportunity commissions bring to travel to some of the most beautiful and private places in the country.

You may want to capture a quiet, reflective spot on your farm where you always feel completely at peace; a special drive on your own or someone else’s shoot; a memorable shot – a first pheasant or a right and left at woodcock – or, quite simply, a favourite bird or animal. I have painted a wide variety of subjects for customers from simple studies of, say, a partridge to a portaloo on a grouse moor (long story) and I have also produced illustrations for Gamecards and Gamebooks. Commissioning a painting allows you to discuss your ideas so we get closer to the picture in your head.

If it is a particular place you would like painted, I can walk the ground with you whilst we discuss the various options. Equally, if you trust my judgement, I am quite content to wander around on my own until I find the right spot. It is usually more important to capture the essence of a farm or moor – a distinctive view as opposed to a favourite drive. The best drives in the world are not always the most inspiring to look at but there might be an absolutely stunning view through a gap in the hedge behind the pegs. It may not be a view of a drive but the birds will pass it at some point. Commission prices are the same as my exhibition wall prices. I may need to add travelling expenses if I have a great distance to cover but I can usually tie in the visit with another commission or or some other trip nearby.